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TexasComputerJobs is nothing less than the most-utilized, oldest and easiest-to-use Texas recruiting site in use today. Think about Google. The reason Google is successful is because it is simple and easy to use. We know exactly what you are looking for. You don't have time to filter through all of the ads and layers of complexity just to find the job or resume you are looking for. So we keep it simple, fast and efficient. And therefore, cheap!

Client Benefits
Thinking about signing up with our site, or already signed up and want to know why you should stay with us? Here's why:

  • Over 25 thousand Texas-based resumés!
  • Low Monthly Rates for our paid accounts (only $108 a month possible with 12 month deal)
  • Unlimited Resumé Browsing and Download!
  • Unlimited Job Posting! Post as often as you like!
  • Many new Resumés every day !
  • Over 100,000 hits per day, thousands of unique visitors
  • Currently #3 site on Google, #7 on Yahoo - High Visibility!
  • No need to spend advertising dollars on newspaper
  • Specifically targeted for the Texas technical job market.
  • Texas-grown, Texas-knowledgable. Born and Bred in Dallas, not some remote office in a far away state.
  • Easy-to-use, uncluttered interface - no annoying popups.
  • Extensive search capability.

Job Seeker Benefits
Why should you post your resumé with our company? Why should you join? See all of the reasons:

  • Free to join - free to have an account!
  • Online resumé is designed for immediate, easy read.
  • View as many jobs as you like, apply as often as you like.
  • Updated resumés go online immediately. No wait!
  • Over 100,000 hits per day, thousands of unique visitors
  • Currently #3 Site on Google, #7 on Yahoo; high visibility.
  • Join the HotList and have your resumé on the front client page!
  • Easy-to-use, uncluttered interface.
  • Extensive search capability.

TexasComputerJobs is your best opportunity to connect with the right jobs and the right job candidates. Don't waste any more budget, time or energy with sites that simply don't add up. We're here to answer your needs!

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